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runPyNB is a quick and dirty utility to run (and time) Jupyter notebooks from command-line and makefiles.


Install from PyPI

pip install runpynb

General usage: runpynb <notebook(s)> [options] (“.ipynb” not required)

  • runpynb: Run all notebooks in directory.

      $ runpynb

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  • runpynb <notebook(s)> -q: Run quietly (-q).

      $ runpynb hello.ipynb -q

  • runpynb <notebook(s)> -qs: Run quietly (-q) as a sequence of workflow (-s). Errors (eg in error.ipynb) will break the workflow.

      $ runpynb error.ipynb hello.ipynb -qs

  • runpynb <notebook(s)> -o: Save output as separate notebook (-o), instead of overwriting existing notebook(s).

      $ runpynb hello.ipynb -o

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usage: runpynb [-h] [-t TIMEOUT] [-s] [-o] [-v VERSION] [-q] [notebooks ...]

Run (and time) Jupyter notebooks silently in command-line.

positional arguments:
  notebooks             List of Jupyter notebooks (*.ipynb) to be run
                        (default=all notebooks in path).

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -t TIMEOUT, --timeout TIMEOUT
                        Seconds until a cell in the notebook timesout, which
                        raises a Timeouterror exception (default is 3000=5
  -s, --sequence        Sequence implicit in notebook lists. If error occurs
                        somewhere, stop entire pipeline.
  -o, --output          Save output as a separate notebook with "-out"-suffix
                        (e.g. *-out.ipynb) instead of overwriting existing
  -v VERSION, --version VERSION
                        Version of notebook to return (Default=No conversion).
                        Notebook will be converted if necessary.
  -q, --quiet           Be quiet and don't print messages (including run
                        time). Caution: Does not suppress error messages.

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Tests codecov

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More on this package

This is a lightweight package that wraps around the official Jupyter nbformat and nbconvert modules.

My workflow involves using Jupyter notebooks to clean, and analyze data. I use this utility to run notebooks silently from the command-line and Makefiles (without converting from .ipynb files to .py files).

Related packages are guoquan/runnb and vinayak-mehta/nbcommands with a planned enhancement nbtime to run Jupyter notebooks from command-line.

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Usage with Makefiles

A minimal workflow where get-data.ipynb takes 5000 seconds to prepare data.csv. And where analyze.ipynb uses data.csv to produce output.png.

.DEFAULT_GOAL := output.png

data.csv: get-data.ipynb
	runpynb $^ -t 5000
output.png: analyze.ipynb data.csv
	runpynb $< 

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Known Issues

  • Build fails with Python 3.6 in Windows OS.

  • Notebooks with long execution time will require the timeout option (eg runpynb notebook.ipynb -t 10000).

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This package is licensed under the MIT License.