Lucas Shen Y.S.

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Working Papers

Measuring Political Media Slant Using Text Data

October 2021
PDF Online Appendix Slides Code Speech topics viz.

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Substring accuracy across time
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Effect Sizes

International Trafficking in Persons and Global Health Security: Evidence from Two Modern Pandemics

February 2022
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Reduced form: Coastlines and Covid-19
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Contact rate in SIRD, interactions by months

Deconstructing the MeToo Movement and the Blue Wave in the 2018 House Elections

November 2022
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Timeline of MeToo tweets (2018)
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Conditional relationship b/w MeToo tweets and individual returns
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Strategic candidacy of Democratic women challengers

Income and Productivity Trends of Guangdong: A Data-Driven Case Study of the Greater Bay Area

October 2022 (with LI Jingwei and ZHANG Xuyao)
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Permutation tests

Neighborhood Asymmetries and Visits

October 2022 (with LIM Jing Zhi)
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Scale & borders in the Singapore context
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Two neighbourhoods (Mount Pleasant & Toa Payoh Central)
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Asymmetries in mismatch and visits
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EIP and increases in neighborhood visits

Measurement Gap? Effect of Survey Instrument and Scoring on the Partisan Knowledge Gap

March 2023 (with Gaurav Sood and Daniel Weitzel)
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Different treatment groups and instruments

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Does working from home work? A natural experiment from lockdowns

European Economic Review 2023
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Change in output (tracked changes)
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Sensitivity to geocoding
3 / 5
Standard vs local time
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Local time by hour-of-day
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Global rollout of lockdowns

Work in Progress

Social Exposure Zones in a Small City

(with LIM Jing Zhi)
Slides Income/Experienced segregation indices viz.

Neighborhoods, family, and child health outcomes

(and friends)

Other Projects

Segregation Across Neighborhoods in a Small City

(with LEE Shu En, LIM Jing Zhi)
PDF (latest version)

[*Superceded by Neighborhood Asymmetries and Visits]

Unexpected Shocks to Movement and Job Search: Evidence from COVID-19 Policies in Singapore Using Google Data


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Early changes (anomalies) in movement patterns
2 / 3
Lockdown announcement effect
3 / 3
Early changes in job searches

Report on Surveying the Singapore Urban Labour Market Using Online Job Postings

(with Terence Ho, LIM Jing Zhi)


LexicalRichness: A module to compute textual lexical richness
LexicalRichness computes measures of lexical richness (aka lexical diversity or language sophistication) from textual data. Lexical richness refers to the ratio of different unique words to the total number of words in a text. Measures include MTLD and HD-D, which are resilient to varying text lengths.
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runPyNB: Run Jupyter notebooks in command-line and Makefiles
runPyNB offers a command-line utility that runs (and time) Jupyter notebook files (.ipynb) without launching the IDEs (Jupyter notebooks or JupyterLab).
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Forestplot: Make publication-ready but customizable coefficient plots
Forestplot makes publication-ready coefficient plots easy to make out-of-the-box. Other names for forest plots are: coefplots, coefficient plots, meta-analysis plots, dot-and-whisker plots, blobbograms, margins plots, regression plots, and ropeladder plots. Users provide a dataframe (e.g. from a spreadsheet) where rows correspond to a variable/study with columns including estimates, variable labels, and confidence interval limits.
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Some notes on carpentry and teaching resources.

Since 2023, I've been writing notes broadly covering coding, meta-programming, and applied statistics in the context of empirical/data science. I'm mainly writing for myself. If you find some of these notes useful too, that's a bonus. Click the link above to see them.